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Diet With The Foods You Love By Following These Simple Tips

Sometimes eating healthy can get difficult because we get bored of eating the same things every day. Eating grilled chicken and veggies all the time can turn into your weekly routine but sometimes we are craving a lot more than just that. When we start to crave other things besides our boring meals we start to reminisce on food that we use too love but can no longer enjoy because they aren’t considered healthy. Whether it was our favorite childhood dishes to the plate we always get when we go to our favorite restaurants, day dreaming about foods we use to enjoy while trying to meet our fitness goals can make thing a lot harder. It can also make us very vulnerable to sneaking away and grabbing a bite that we’ll regret and delay our result. Being frustrated while seeing others enjoy their food will happen no longer because all you have to do is swap the bad ingredients for good ones. What if I told you that you can enjoy your meals, look forward to them maybe even some times have the food you use to love without all the regrets. In today’s blog I am going to give you some ingredients that you can swap out for healthier ones and still have your dishes taste like the old if not better.

Cakes and cookies, far from what we should be eating to reach our fitness goals but who said just because you want to be healthy and fit means you can't have a desert from time to time. Swap out the flour that’s going to make you release a lot of insulin in your body, putting your body under a state where it cannot maximize the ability to burn off unwanted body fat for almond flour or coconut flour. You can even make some awesome pancakes with this swap.

In cookies and cakes flour is not the only ingredient that can set you back, what about sugar you may ask? Replace sugar with stevia, which is about 4 times sweeter than most of the refined sugars out there. A little goes a long way, stevia is also a natural sweetener that comes from a plant and will not make your body release a whole bunch of insulin. Stevia can be used to make, juices, deserts, sauces you name it.

Almond flour could also be your go to when you want to bread something like chicken or shrimp and it taste great. I make coconut shrimp or chicken Parmesan all the time and it’s the bomb.

Peanut butter and jelly is so yummy but that jelly can definitely give your sugar intake a spike, not anymore though, you can swap out regular jelly that’s filled with refined sugar for sugar free jelly it taste delicious and it won’t contribute to setting back your goal. I personally am a raspberry lover so I think raspberry sugar free jelly is the bomb.

Miss having pasta? Or do you miss having the sauce on pasta because I think boiled pasta on its own taste pretty bland and boring. Not to tell you all the insulin you release in your body having a plate of pasta making you gain unwanted body fat. But although it’s not considered a healthy choice the sound of meat balls and pasta makes your mouth water, put that craving away with spaghetti squash. It taste amazing and gives you about the same satisfaction as if you did have pasta . This is one of FitnessWithFlex favorites he says ordering regular pasta is silly knowing you can have a dish like this and not have it set you back or feeling super bloated.

There you have it some easy simple tips that will have you eating delicious healthy meals, if that wasn’t enough stay tune for my recipe E-book where I give you a healthier alternatives to some of your favorite cheat meals. Be Healthy while you’re eating good.


Baked Ziti Spaghetti Squash

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