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Will Lifting Weights Make Women Look Manly

Hey my beautiful ladies, What if I told you about a huge misconception that often we have that holds us back from achieving the body we have always DREAMED OF . Many of us females believe that weight training will make us look buff and manly.

Ladies you will not look like a bodybuilder if you start weight training because it’s not in our hormonal makeup to look muscular like men do. Many of us have seen big muscular women like Professional female body builders that look very muscular, but this has to do more with their meal plan and training routines which are extremely different from what yours would be if you don't want to get too big. These women that choose to compete in professional bodybuilding lift extremely heavy weights for many years and some may take performance enhancement drugs like testosterone (male hormone) to help them get bigger muscles. These drugs may have some side effects that can cause more man like features like facial hair or voice becoming deeper.

BUT! The biggest key is to realize that these women that are very muscular didn’t get there over night it took them a long time full of hard work, discipline and consistency to look that way. If you start a weight training program you will see your body developing over time, once you are satisfied with how you look, you can simply do training to maintain that look without getting any more muscular. You also don’t have to do super heavy lifting when weight training by keeping your rep ranges 20 reps or higher you wont get you too muscular.

There you have it ladies tell the men to scoot over in the weight room, don’t be afraid of weight training all it will do is help you gain some nice lean muscle mass, speed up your metabolism and a body you can always feel confident about.” YA DIGG”



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