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Do You Have The Right Personal Trainer?

Hello my Boss ladies, finding a good personal trainer is like finding a good doctor or a good mechanic. It’s extremely hard to find someone we can trust that will steer us in the right direction and also that can motivate us enough to get us up and running to the gym. Most women feel that not being able to find the right personal trainer plays a huge factor in why they haven’t met their fitness goals.

BEWARE! There are many personal trainers out there that get hired because they are genetically thin without having to workout. These trainers know nothing about their bodies let alone will they be able to transform other people’s bodies. Then you have trainers that will make you feel like crap for not coming to the gym. If you aren’t seeing results and you are doing everything the trainer tells you to do how would you stay motivated to keep coming? Motivation comes from seeing results; you will have enough motivation and drive to willingly come to the gym and do everything that’s necessary to reach your fitness goals. What more motivation do you need than seeing yourself in a picture and looking like a hot BABE?

Everyone’s body is different. Some people are short, tall, fat, skinny, fast metabolism, slow metabolism, ect. So why should everybody follow the same diet or training? What you eat is going to give you 70% of your results. So in reality if you’re not eating the proper nutrition for your fitness goals, then it doesn’t matter if you work out every day for 2 hours you will see little to no results.

We at FitnessWithflex are experts at creating customized meal plans and workout routines. We also keep up with your progress to make sure your results never plateau. We will also try to make sure that that you have acquired enough knowledge about your body to burn fat and keep the fat off. You will optimize your health and gain a body that you can always feel confident about.

There you have it ladies, be that hot babe in the group picture, till next time.

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