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The Great Benefits Of Lemon Water

Hey my Beautiful Ladies, Some of us are always looking for a supplement that will help us burn body fat fast, what if I told you that the trick was right in your own kitchen. Today I’m going to give you ONE QUICK, EASY and BENIFICIAL tip that will boost up your energy, get rid of toxins and help you burn fat at a faster rate. All you need is half a lemon, a cup of water and 5 minutes of your day to get you to your Fitness goals quicker.

When you wake up in the morning make your way to the kitchen and grab half of a lemon, squeeze it into a cup of room temperature water, and drink it. After having the lemon water you should give yourself about 15 to 20 minutes before having your first meal. This is important since your digestive system is empty it will allow the lemon water to start your digestive system and start the process of detoxifying your liver which will help you burn fat faster. Below are some other great benefits of having a refreshing glass of lemon water each morning:

Benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning on and empty stomach:

(Please use real lemons, DO NOT use lemon juice concentrate)

  • Helps you detoxify your liver, Having a detoxified liver helps you burn fat at a faster rate.

  • Gets rid of uric acid, uric acid gives you inflammation in the joints.

  • Helps alkaline your body, do to our poor diets filled with sugar and other toxins our bodies become very acidic. When our bodies are in a very acidic state it becomes a breeding ground for cancer and other diseases.

  • When lemon water enters your digestive track it provides you with instant energy.

( “ ladies being low in energy is no longer an excuse for you to have COFFEE" )

There you have it ladies one quick natural tip that you can do as soon as you get out of bed to jump start a productive day. It will not only help you get to your fitness goals quicker it will also help optimize your health, till Next time.


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