4 Ways To Enjoy Your Workout And The Weather At The Same Time

Hello ladies, the weather just keeps getting better and it’s time for you to get serious about reaching your fitness goals. Even though some of us have built a consistent routine around the gym, it may be hard to get there sometimes when the weather is starting to get warm and the sun is setting late. Especially if you’ve been working indoors all day the last thing you want to go do is workout and be trapped indoors again. In today’s blog I m going to give you 4 tips that you can use to make sure you are always excited about your workout or cardio after a long day of being inside, and also be able to enjoy the weather when it starts getting warmer.

Tip #1 Park-

Going to the park to workout can definitely make your workouts a little more entertaining and harder to dismiss. Taking a pair of 5lb dumbbells and finding a comfortable space can be enough to get the job done. If you don’t have any weights you can do explosive body weight movements that will require your body to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers causing your body to build more muscle. You can also make the best of your nearby jungle gym like using the stairs to workout your calves or the monkey bars to do some pull ups . If you can’t do pull ups it’s ok, do what you can it all depends on what fitness level you are in at the moment.

Tip#2 Make the best out of your commute-

If your commute to work takes a while take advantage of it. If you take the train to work you should try to get off a few stops before yours and walk the rest of the way to work. This is a good way to sneak in a quick cardio session to help you burn off some extra calories. If you drive that’s no problem park your car a couple blocks away from job so you can have a nice walk there and back. You’re going to burn extra calories without you having to think about it and also be able to enjoy the weather.

Tip#3 Update your playlist-

Download a new album or a new audio book that you’re dying to hear and save it for during your cardio session or your workout. This will really help you make sure you don’t miss your workout sessions because it will make you look forward to hear the new album or book.

Tip#4 Become a tourist for the day-

If you live In NYC go with a friend or alone with your updated playlist, take a tour around Manhattan become a tourist for the day. Take a stroll around Central Park or go site seeing around the city. Check out places that you haven’t had time to see. This would also be another exciting way to get your cardio session in and enjoy the beautiful weather.

There you have it ladies you can go to the park, take advantage of your commute, update your playlist or become a tourist for the day. These 4 easy tips can help you look forward to getting your workouts done. So you can no longer use the excuse that you’ve been at work all day but want to enjoy the weather because here are 4 tips that will help you do both.


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