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Does Sweating Mean Fat Loss

Hello ladies, when most of us decide to go to the gym and do our thing, one of our biggest concerns might be that we need to make sure we get in a good sweat while we are working out. If we aren’t sweating at the gym then we might feel like we didn’t get a good work out in. Some of us even go to the extremes of working out for almost two hours in a sweat suit because if we aren’t drenched in sweat then we may think we aren’t burning fat. Does sweating really mean your burning body fat? This is something that I use to deal with in the beginning of my fitness journey. I use to think that whenever I would sweat a lot then that’s when I really got in a good work out, and if I didn’t sweat then I wasn’t working out hard enough. Ladies this was a big misconception that I used to have and I know many of you today may also think that way, But no worries in this blog we are going to help clear up that misconception.

Sweating is just a process that your body does to help cool itself off. Just because you are sweating more does not mean your burning more body fat. Let’s say you workout somewhere really cold and still did your regular workout routine, does that mean you didn’t burn any calories because you didn’t sweat? The only way to help your body burn unwanted body fat is by going on a calorie deficit. Having a calorie deficit means that you're burning more calories than you are eating or drinking. Sweating is also an indication that your body is in a healthy state and that your metabolism is working properly. If you put yourself through an extreme sweat session all that will happen is you will lose weight on the scale but most of it will be water weight. When you drink water in attempts to re hydrate yourself you will see the scale go back up.

Ladies to maximize calorie burning and to help your body get rid of unwanted body fat you need the right meal plan and workout routine for you. Sitting in a place baking yourself for an hour or 2 won’t get you anywhere but frustrated and irritable because you put yourself through torture. Although sweating is a good sign that your metabolism is working properly, you will have no permanent weight loss just because you are sweating like an animal. Although sitting in a sauna does have its benefits, sitting in the sauna only for long term weight loss is not the way. Sweat suits can be helpful if for example you’re a fighter and you need to drop a quick pound or two for a weigh in before a fight. if you are familiar with sports that involve fighting like Boxing or MMA then you also may know that when fighters do not make weight and are off by a pound or two they some times give them a few hours to drop the weight. Usually the fighter will immediately go into a sauna or jump into a sweat suit to drop some water weight before they're allowed to fight their opponent. You may also notice that their team is standing right next to them with a bottle of water to help the fighter properly re hydrate again which will lead to the fighter weighing the same amount he weighed before he jumped into the sauna.

So ladies go into your closet and throw away the sweat suits and sweat creams and get yourself the right meal plan and workout routine. This is the only way to get to your goal and keep that unwanted body fat off permanently. Think about it if sweating a lo meant you were burning fat then everyone at the gym would work out in a room that’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit . Till next time


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