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Should You Workout Even If You're Sick

Most of us give it our all when we have fitness goals that we really want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if it rains, snows or freezing outside nothing will stop us from staying faithful to our gym routine, but what happens when we catch a cold or get sick and don't feel like training? Should we just ignore it and still get our workout in even though our body is crying for rest. Sometimes we want to stop being little wimps and make our way to the gym because we feel that our gains are more important but is that the best thing for our physiques and our health?. Ladies in today’s blog I am going to explain if we should or shouldn’t work out when we are sick? And if we don’t will we lose our gains.

Ladies let me start of by telling you one of my personal experiences of what happened when I got sick and decided to go and train. I woke up one day with a small cold runny nose, chills and feeling a bit lethargic etc. Since I was doing so great on being consistent with my meal plan and workout routine I decided to shrug it off and make it to the gym ANYWAYS. Biggest Mistake ever!!!!! After my personal experience going to the gym sick I am going to give you 3 reasons why you should never workout while you're sick.

Low Energy Won’t help Optimize Your Gains-

When I got to the gym I had very little energy. I felt like my body was already going through so much that 5 pounds felt like 20 pounds. Not having a good amount of energy will not allow you to perform at your best and not allowing you to really get the full benefits of the workout to optimize your gains.

Putting Your Body Through Too Much Stress Can sometimes Be a Bad Thing-

Ladies if I thought I felt like I was in a slump before I went to the gym, after the gym I felt like death. The small cold I had, blew up into this horrible nasty cold where my body was aching. I was cold, hot, hungry not hungry, lethargic etc. When we go to the gym and do resistance training your body is breaking down muscle to build bigger, stronger muscles. So now imagine your body spending all it's effort trying to fight off this cold and you’re putting your body through more stress by exercising. Your body Is now going to have to take care of too many things at the same time, leading up to prolonging your cold because now your body has to worry about repairing it's muscles and not being able to focus all its attention on the cold.

Will Not Training When Your Sick Make You Lose Your Gains-

Ladies it really all depends on how long you’re out the gym. If all you have is a simple cold and at most are out for 2 weeks, you will be fine. Take advantage of those two weeks to properly feed the body relax and boost your immune system that way you can fight off the cold as soon as possible allowing you to go back asap. Trust me why not get over a cold in 2 weeks rather than 4 weeks because you worked out while you were sick. Although unfortunately not all of us might be out the gym for 2 weeks with a simple cold, but for a couple months with something more severe. Ladies you are going to find your muscles looking a little smaller because if you aren’t using them for a long time then your body is so smart that it will start to get rid of them since you don't need them. So does that mean you should give up on your goal? No ladies luckily we have something that is called muscle memory, when you go back to the gym your Nero muscular system is already programmed to remember how to do the exercises and you will still have mind muscle connection, meaning that when you start working out again you will look how you looked before you stopped faster. Think about it this way ladies if we know how to ride a bike or swim but let’s say we don’t do either activity for about 1 month or maybe even a year, I’m pretty sure that whenever you decide to ride a bike or swim again you will still remember how to do it .

So ladies remember we are all human and we all have the possibility of getting injured or getting sick but that does not mean that you should quit, it just means you should take this time to worry about you. Try to help your body fight it off or heal as fast as possible so when you come back to pumping some iron your healthier and stronger than ever.


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