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How Realistic Are Your Fitness Goals?

Hello beautiful ladies, the weather is only getting warmer and we all know that warmer weather = less clothes to hide in. If you’ve never exercised and ate healthy before you might not know what to expect from your results. We all want to get as fit as possible but when it’s not happening at the rate you thought it would it could be very discouraging. We can get disappointed when we don’t see abs or a toned body right way. This disappointment can bring along discouragement and cause you to quit since you aren’t looking the way you want fast enough. In today’s blog we will talk about how to be realistic with our fitness goals and how time plays a mayor key in your fitness journey.

Starting a healthy meal plan and workout routine is great to do at any time of the season think about it this way, if you start today 1 week from now you will look a lot better than when you first started. Who cares if you start in the end of July while the summer is at its peak, the important thing is that you start Right Now and not waste another day saying you’ll start tomorrow. Regardless of when you decide to get started it is very important that you are realistic with your goal.

Let me put it to you like this, let’s say that you’re 30 years old and this is the first time in 30 years that you have decided to be consistent with healthy eating and exercise , you can’t expect to look like a fitness model in 2 weeks. I’m sorry but it just isn’t going to happen it took you 30 years of unhealthy eating and non activity to make you gain that unwanted body fat. Unfortunately you cannot erase the damage you did in 30 years in only 2 weeks. Ladies I don’t even have to be that exaggerated let say you do everything consistently for 1 full week but then for the next week you really blew it, at the end of the month you really have to be honest with yourself and cannot get discouraged if your progress pictures don’t look the way you desire them to look. All that’s left to do is try your best to be more consistent with your diet and exercise.

It’s also very important that your personal trainer always keeps it real with you NO MATTER WHAT! It is very important that when you show them a picture of your fitness goal they can tell you approximately how much time it will take for you to look your version of that if you do everything 100%. This will help you prepare mentally for what’s to come and this information will make you question how important it is for you to reach your goal and if you’re actually willing to give it all you got to get there.

Being realistic with the goals you want to meet and by what time you want to meet them will give you a different perspective of how to carry yourself throughout the year. It will make it easier for you to know when in the year you can be more lenient with your diet and when you have to become more rigid. Having a good overview of time will help us stay on top and focused on our goal.

Be reasonable with the time you have of consistent dieting and exercise, take time to acknowledge how much time you have spent eating unhealthy and not exercising. Don’t get discouraged give your body time to mold into the body you have always dreamed about. Fall in love with the journey of learning about your body, nutrition and exercise and remember being fit is not just an occasional diet but a life style . Consistency is key!


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