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3 Natural Ways To Help Alleviate Your Symptoms Of A Urinary Tract Infection

Hello ladies, today’s blog is going to be on a subject that not many women like to talk about. Most women suffer from this common thing at least once in their lives and that is a Urinary tract infection. Now ladies and gentlemen calm down suffering from a urinary tract infection doesn’t always mean you’re unhighgentic although being unhygienic can cause you to have a urinary tract infection there are other reasons that can cause you to get a UTI. For example following an unhealthy diet filled with refined carbohydrates, no water and no veggies can double your chances of getting a UTI.

Ladies it is very important that if you do have a UTI you do not ignore it (how can you ignore the feeling of peeing fire) and seek medical attention as fast as possible. Ignoring a UTI can affect your kidneys, bladder and urethra. Sadly there aren’t any cures for a UTI other than taking antibiotics prescribed from your doctor. There are things that you can take to help lower your chances of getting a UTI or to help alleviate some of the symptoms like the feeling of peeing acid.

Tip 1 WATER-

STEP UP YOUR WATER GAME! Drinking water is extremely important just for life in general, so if you aren’t drinking water you should get on it ASAP for the sake of your everyday bodily functions. Drinking lots of water throughout the day will help your body get rid of toxins and reduces the amount of bacteria build up in the bladder or urethra tissue.


Drinking or taking a vitamin c supplement will give your immune system a great boost to fight off bacteria and help slow down bacteria overgrowth. Vitamin c will also help keep your urine more acidic. The more acidic your urine is the less likely you are to form or have bacteria build up.


Drinking cranberry juice or taking it in a tablet form will help keep your urine more acidic. Remember having your urine more acidic will help prevent bacteria from forming or bacteria build up. When Consuming cranberry juice you may catch yourself peeing frequently which is a good thing because frequent peeing will help flush out the bacteria.

Ladies remember these 3 tips are to help prevent or relieve some UTI symptoms, they will not cure your UTI so make sure you seek medical attention urgently. At the end of the day following these three tips not only will help optimize your health in general they will help reduce your chances of having the feeling that your peeing hot lava.


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