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4 Ways you're wasting your workouts

Not many people in this world like to workout for fun. Everyone usually has some sort of goal behind their workouts. If you are Working Out multiple times a week you know that it's very time consuming and demanding on your body. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and not get the results for the effort you are putting in the gym. Through my years of experience training at the gym and also training many people all over the world I've seen many people train and not get the results they desire. In today's blog I'm going to give you Four ways you could be wasting your workouts.

1. Too Much Talking Not Enough Training - If you have a lot of friends at the gym then you are doing it all wrong. Your vocal chords shouldn't be getting in more exercise than your muscles at the gym. You should be entering the gym and exiting the gym as fast as you possibly can. This doesn't mean you should have a short workout, but if you are really training then you shouldn't have the time to converse with anyone. Depending on your fitness level and what your goal is you should probably be done with a whole workout within an hour.

2. You Are Too Comfortable - If you've been training with the same weights and doing the same exercises for the past 5 years your won't be seeing much results. Your body adapts to everything you do rather quickly. If you have gotten any results from working out it's because you've made your body do something it wasn't able to do before, this is what causes change. If you are leaving the gym feeling fresh after your workout it's probably time to make some changes. You will only grow and make gains when you make yourself uncomfortable. Make yourself struggle and your body will reward you with results.

3. Sacrificing Form For Heavy Weights - How much do you lift? is a very common question to gym goers but in reality it doesn't really matter. What matters is your form and technique as you do your exercise this is what will bring you the results. Lifting heavy weight might look cool but it's not doing much for you with you are not using the proper form. Reduce the weight, concentrate on form and you will see an amazing difference.

4. You Don't Know What To Eat - If you want results then you have to eat like it. When you go to the gym you aren't making any gains, what you are really doing is breaking down your muscle. Nutrition is the only way you will recover from the grueling workout you put your body through. If you don't eat right your body can't repair and the results you've been working for so hard will never come. You just don't have to eat but you have to eat the right quantity of food and the right types of food for your body type and fitness goal.

- FitnessWithFlex

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