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The Truth About Getting Six Pack Abs

Everyone is out to get the Holy Grail of fitness, which are Rock hard Six Pack Abs. That Six Pack we all crave for is actually pretty simple to get, but being simple to get doesn't mean it will be easy. Many myths, and misconception can certainly detour you from ever getting one, but if you do some of these simple tips I will explain you will be on the right path to get them. First we need to understand that muscle, and body fat are two different types of tissue, and one has nothing to do with the other. One big mistake people do is that they assume just because they are doing abdominal exercises that their gut will go away, and their abs will magically appear. This is completly wrong because you can't zone body fat loss. That's like saying I want to lose fat from my right leg only but not my left this is humanly impossible, when we lose body fat we lose body fat evenly everywhere.

Do You Really Have To Do Abs Every Day To Get Abs

This is probably one of the biggest myths there is when it comes to getting abs. Abs are just like any other muscle group, no muscle should be worked out everyday. Muscle doesn't grow in the gym, when you go to the gym all you're doing is breaking down your muscle tissue, when you leave the gym assuming you are resting, and eating the right foods for your body and training then that's when your muscles recover, grow bigger, and stronger.

If you are a beginner you should only be working out each muscle group once or twice a week, Abs are no different from any other muscle group. Abs are already involved in every exercise you do anyway so technically they're already getting worked out everytime you train. Have you ever done abs, and went to train the next day, and although you can be doing another muscle group not related to abs you might still feel your abs working as you do the exercise that's because your abs are part of your core, and your core is used for every movement you do on a daily basis to stabilize you.

Getting Abs Without Working Out Abs

Now many of us might assume if we want abs we must workout abs right? Well not necessarily, when doing ab exercises you are only isolating the actual ab muscle but us as humans we tend to store more body fat around the abdominal area, so unless you are really lean you won't be able to see your abs no matter what exercises you do or how long you train. What you need to do in order to see abs is lose body fat, everyone has abs but they just aren't visible unless your body fat is low enough. Doing actual ab exercises won't burn much calories so in return you won't be burning much fat. You need to diet in order to lose body fat, you will also need to do exercises that will make your body burn a lot of calories so that you can lose the body fat quicker. Some of these exercises are exercises that really get your heart rate going, exercises like Deadlifts which is a lower back/full body exercise, and squats whichs is primarily a leg, and glute exercise will actually burn more calories, and will make your abs come out faster than actual ab exercises because these are exercises that involve mutiple muscle groups at once, and these types of exercises burn way more calories than simple isolation exercises.

Body Weight AB Exercises Or Weighted AB Exercises

The fastest way to have your abs come out is actually to do them with weights because this will make the abs bigger and more muscular so that you can see them faster. Doing body weight exercises for abs will be working more on your abdominal endurance and you wont be able to see your abs unless you're ultra lean. Without the added resistance from the weights your abs won't develop to their full potential and stay small. If you get them a bit bigger through weight training, yes you will still have to get lean but not as lean because the muscles are more developed, and are more visible through the body fat.

Secret Formula For Abs

Forget diet pills, forget all these silly fad diets, forget doing 1 billion crunches a day. The Secret formula for abs is, Eat the right foods for your body and individual fitness goal, such as high quality proteins, essential fats, complex carbs, etc... follow a full body weight training routine focusing on losing body fat, and increasing muscle mass, this will increase your metabolism and make your body into a fat burning machinne, last but not least you need to be disciplined and consistent with your training and diet. I can create you the best Meal Plan and Workout Routine that will give you the fastest results but only you can follow through with it. The right information is useless to someone who won't follow it.



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