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The Most Important Nutrient No One Talks About, (WATER)

You might be drinking a lot of fluids but that doesn't mean you're properly hydrated. Things like alcohol, soft drinks, teas, and coffee steal water from the body because they act like a diuretic. If you want to hydrate well you need to get it from actual water. Water is one of the most important nutrients that nobody really talks about. If you are serious about getting fit, not only do you need to have your nutrition and exercise in check, but you also need to drink enough water for your fitness goal.

Water is crucial for fat loss, it will help suppress your appetite and it will also help you burn fat. Studies show that a Decrease in water intake will increase your fat deposits while an Increase in water intake would decrease them. The levels of oxygen in the blood are high when you are fully hydrated. The more oxygen the body has the more fat it will burn for energy, without the oxygen the body can't use up the stored fat efficiently. About 60% of a male's body and 50-55% of a female's body is made up of water. Besides protein and healthy fats water is very crucial to your muscle development, so much so that your muscles are about 75% water. Water is important also to perform your exercises, it helps lubricate the joints, and if you are just 4% dehydrated your exercise capacity will drop 20-30%.

Feeling tired all the time is a very common complaint many people have, and its due to not having enough water if you want to feel energized and more mental sharpness throughout the day you have to increase your water intake. Remember you can go weeks with out food, but only a few days without water. Water plays a role in every bodily function, so unless you are in a desert where water isn't available the average person needs a lot of water, and if your are working out and eating right your need of water will be even greater.


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