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Overcome Your Gym Fears As A Beginner

No matter what your Fitness Goals might be we all start of as Beginners and as beginners in anything you might be a bit fearful in attempting something you've never tried before. Not only is it scary to just change your whole life around and eat a certain way to achieve your goals, but to also have to go to the gym and perform exercises you've never done or even seen before. I've been there myself when I first began training for the first time at a gym over 13 years ago I was insecure and not confident at all in what I was doing. I used to second guess myself when doing the exercises thinking that the whole gym was looking at me, or just laughing at my technique. Just like with everything else in life with consistency you will get better at what you do, if I would've let my insecurities stop me I would have never went from not knowing what I was doing to now helping many people all over the world achieve their fitness goals.



One thing that you can do is Workout At Home for a month before joining the actual gym. Depending on your fitness goal you can build a great body training at home and probably won't even need a gym. Dumbbell exercises are perfect for home and will teach you how to gain control of your muscles and get stronger. If you look like an idiot doing the movements it won't matter because you'll be home and no one can see you. Once you get stronger you will become more confident and will be able to join the gym and start off with a good base.


Another thing you can do is join the Gym with a friend you will feel more comfortable doing something you've never done before with someone else that has never done it either. Just make sure it's a good friend that will never cancel on you and has a similar fitness goal to yours. This will help you keep each other accountable and will make this new progress easier on the both of you.


The best option I believe for a beginner is to hire a trainer. Don't just hire any Bum trainer either, make sure you get a Legit trainer that has a good track record and can really teach you the basics. Having a great trainer will help you achieve your fitness goals faster and give you the confidence to continue on your own in the future.

Now that I've been training many years I can definitely tell you that no one really cares what you are doing at the gym. Everyone is there too busy worrying about achieving their fitness goal and focused on themselves. Someone that has been going to the gym for a long time for the most part wouldn't really laugh at a new person, they would probably actually help them out. The only one's that can probably laugh are the people that aren't serious about the gym because if they were they wouldn't have the time to pay attention to what you are doing. Don't even worry too much about those people if you do encounter them because they won't last long at the gym anyway, Just remind yourself what your goals are and that if you are consistent and disciplined enough soon you will be laughing at them for not making progress.

- FitnessWithFlex

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