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3 Tips To Help You Stay on Top Of Your Meals

No matter how much you push yourself at the gym most of your result will come from what you eat on a daily basis. Many of us have the problem of not eating all our meals and this can greatly delay your progress towards our fitness goal. Sometimes I think to myself how can people forget to eat? But then I remember that it also used to happen to me. In the beginning of my fitness journey this was a struggle that I had to overcome myself as well. I wasn’t used to eating more than once or twice a day, especially if I was having a long and hectic day at work. Ladies, this was really setting me back from reaching my fitness goals, but it didn’t stay like that for long. Having all my meals became easier and easier and I was able to remember to get in all my meals no matter what after I did these 3 tips that I’m going to share with you in today’s blog.

Tip# 1 Set Alarms – Setting multiple alarms on my phone really helped me make sure I had all my meals. I would set up my alarms depending on what time I had my first meal. Every time my alarm would go off, it would remind me that it was time for me to have my second meal. This definitely came in handy when things got busy at work. If it wasn’t for my alarms I would’ve probably forgotten to eat completely during a very busy day.

Tip# 2 Meal Prep – I know that it can become a hassle to cook especially after a long day at work and eating out can sound like a great option, but apart from it taking a toll on your pocket it will also slow down your progress as well. When eating out you never know what exact ingredients they’re putting in your meal. If you made your meals at home you are in control of everything and can manage exactly what calories go into your body. Start meal prepping, all you need to do is put aside a day out of the week that you have the most free time to cook most of your meals for the week. Yea it might sound like a lot but think about how many headaches you will save yourself, when you can just pop one of your meals in the microwave in the middle of a hectic day.

Tip#3 Replace it with a shake – If I knew my day at work was going to be long and hectic I always made sure I took an emergency protein shake with me. Ladies this is something that helped me greatly because It would help me stay on time with all my meals. Even though your next meal might be a solid meal depending how busy you are you might not always be able to squeeze it in. Take a quick 5 minute trip to the bathroom, car or even where you’re standing to pour some water in your shaker cup and drink a quick shake.

I hope these 3 tips helped because I know they sure helped me when I first started. There you have it ladies remember to set alarms, meal prep and replace it with a shake. This is going to help you make sure you always stay on track with your meals and also help you reach your goals faster. As for the alarms don’t worry you won’t have to use them forever, soon you will get used to eating at those times and your body will feel hungry when it’s time for you to eat again.

- FitnessWithFlexHers

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