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Do You Have To Join The Gym To Start Getting Fit ?

Hello ladies, the weather is getting warmer and most of us are running to sign up to the nearest gym. We are mentally ready to start our training, healthy eating and start to get rid of that body fat we feel so self conscious about. For some of us the idea of having to squeeze in an hour for the gym can be troubling do to our very hectic lives. We find it easy to procrastinate or we just give it all up and use the excuse that we just don’t have the time. Today’s blog we will talk about if it's really necessary to go to the gym in order to reach your fitness goals.

Ladies perhaps you have tried to find the time to workout but there just isn't any extra time, does that mean you should just give up? No like I speak about in my other blogs having the proper meal plan is 70% of your results. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. You are going to get to your fitness goal a lot faster if you start and are consistent with the right diet versus if you kill yourself 3 times a week at the gym but continue to eat the same foods.

NO time to make your way to the GYM NO Problem HOME WORKOUTS are just as effective. If we aren’t used to doing strenuous workouts then in the beginning we would have to start extremely basic. Pretty much like when a baby first learns how to crawl before they learn how to walk, you will not only have to learn the proper techniques of the exercises but you more than likely won't need extremely heavy weights at first. It's also going to take you some time to learn exactly what muscles are suppose to be targeted while doing certain exercises and gain mind muscle connection in the process. Home workouts in the beginning are perfect to get you started, not only will you still get great results but you eventually will be motivated to find the time in the future to go to the gym if needed. What is important just to get started right away with the proper meal plan and workout routine to meet your fitness goals.

Alright there you have it ladies you can no longer use the excuse of having a hectic schedule and that you can’t squeeze in an hour for the gym. Home workouts are just as effective and hey, if the weather is nice you can even do them in your backyard or at your neighborhood park. No more excuses ladies trust me you will be surprised with the results you can achieve just with a pair of 5 lb dumbbells a customized meal plan, workout routine and some room at home. LET'S GET FIT!


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