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3 Rules You Should Follow If You're New To Working Out

You've finally made up your mind to get into shape and decide to start lifting. This is a great move considering that weight training has many benefits like fat loss, increase in muscle mass and strength, improved heart health, blood sugar control and much more. Even though the benefits are great and sound almost endless it can be very hard to stick to a weight training program especially if you've never done it before. In today's blog I'm going to give you some head ups on what to expect and 3 rules you should definitely follow if you're new to working out.

1. Stick With Your Program For At Least 4 Weeks -

Weight training is one of the most effective ways to lose body fat and get bigger and stronger muscles for both males and females. Just like with everything else in life nothing happens over night so it's important to give your new training program at least a few weeks before you decide whether or not it was effective. Even though you might be training several times a week you are more than likely doing splits and only targeting each muscle group about once a week. In a month that's technically only 4 workouts per body part, so as you can see even a month isn't much time. I would say that after 4 weeks is where you really will be seeing some results. The first couple of weeks is all about learning how to do each movement properly and trying to get stronger. If after 4 weeks you haven't seen any results then you definitely need to change your training program.

2. Soreness Doesn't Mean The Workout Was More Effective -

After a workout everyone usually assumes they will be sore the next day and often think that the more sore they are the more effective their training was but this isn't necessarily true. Your body usually gets sore when you do a new movement or a put your body under a new stress that it isn't used to doing. Once your body adapts the soreness will be less and less. Some soreness is good but you never want to try to overwork yourself because you aren't waking up as sore as you used to. Increasing your workload over time and focusing on long term goals is what will give you the gains you are looking for.

3. Technique Over Everything -

This is probably the most important rule and it's for a good reason. Not doing all your exercises with the proper form is a sure way to injure yourself and back track your fitness goal. Never do any exercise or any rep before thinking about your technique, doing the exercise just for the sake of getting it done is just a waste of time. Each exercise is targeting a specific muscle group or muscle groups and doing them with improper form will put stress on the wrong muscle and joints. I you don't want to get injured or create a very unstable and unproportioned body always focus on your technique.

If you are new to weight training and follow these 3 rules you will definitely be on the right track to achieving your fitness goal. If you need help getting Fit we are here to help. Try one of our customized programs designed specifically for your fitness goal and body. Our programs have shown to be one of the quickest ways to reach your Fitness Goal.

- FitnessWithFlex

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