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How To Achieve The Best Version Of Your Glutes

Hello ladies today’s blog will be short and simple but very beneficial and extremely helpful. Let’s be honest here most of us want to have a nice, proportionate, toned BBBOOOOTTTTAYYY . Although we are not all genetically gifted with those buns, all we can do is our best to get our buns to look the best they have ever looked. Ladies you can thank me later here are 4 awesome exercises that will not only get your glutes nice and toned but they will also help you with back stability and lower body strength.

Ladies i recommend that you do these glute and lower body workouts 3 times a week give yourself a day in between to rest, heal and grow. You should strive to do three sets of each exercise for 20 repetitions. If you are a beginner i would recommend you doing your first 2 sets with body weight only and for your third set use the amount of weight you see fit . Never sacrifice your technique for heavy weight make sure you have full range of motion and that your body feels comfortable doing the workouts. If you are not a beginner do your first set with body weight then for your last two sets add the amount of weight you see fit allowing your last set to be with the most challenging.

Glute kick backs -

  • While doing the glute kick back exercise make sure your back is straight, chest is out and shoulders are back.

  • You are going to kick towards the ceiling, making sure you straighten out the leg at the top

  • Keep your toes towards you and heals towards the ceiling

  • When you get to the top hold it for a second and make sure you control your leg on the way back down

  • Do not rest the knee at the bottom until your set is done

  • You can use ankle weights for this exercise


  • Squats are a great workout for not only glute development but for the overall development of the lower body

  • Start off shoulder width apart

  • Keep your shoulders back, chest out and back straight

  • When you are going to start squatting make sure your knees always remain behind your toes and your always sticking out your glutes on the way up and down

  • When your going back up your going to apply pressure on your heels .

  • Go as low as you can comfortably the lower you go the more we can activate the glute muscles

  • For this exercise you can use, dumbbells, smith machine, bar or body weight


  • Lunges are also a great lower body and glute exercise for development and strength

  • Start of shoulder width apart, if you start with a narrow stance it will be easier for you to fall out of balance

  • Make sure you have proper posture chest out, shoulders back and back straight

  • Take a long stride forward the longer the stride the more we can activate the glute muscles, when on the way down the knee of the leg in the front must always remain behind your toes

  • When your coming back up focus the pressure on your heal of the front leg

  • On the way down bend the back leg first the front leg will follow, if you do it the opposite way you will feel a little awkward and notice the knee of the front leg surpassing your toes

  • Do not rest the knee of the back leg on the floor until your set is done

  • You can do this exercise with dumbbells, simth machine, bar or body weight

Ladies i hope these 3 exercises come in handy the way they have for me. Although remember ladies to really optimize your gain and achieve a body you can always feel confident about you need to follow a customized meal plan for your body, it's 70% of your results.


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