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How To Make A Low Carb Taco

Hello my lovely's, When we usually start a rigid diet it can become a little hard to go out to eat with friends and families because most of the foods that are there we know we shouldn't be eating. Ladies thank me later, go ahead and and tell them that taco Tuesday will be hosted at your place this week. In today's blog I am going to give you the recipe to a Low Carb Taco a fun cheat meal that you can enjoy with everyone.


  • Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish or Veggie burger

  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese

  • Avocado for Guacamole

  • Toppings for guacamole like Onions, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cilantro (completely up to you)

  • Lemon

  • Romanian Lettuce

  • Season your protein to your liking


  • Nonstick parchment paper

  • Backing sheet

  • Cooking pan



  • Paper towels

  • Fork


  1. Start by cooking your protein to your liking

  2. While your protein is cooking preheat your oven to 350 degrees

  3. When your protein is done cooking put it aside to cool down

  4. Grab your baking sheet and put the non stick parchment paper on it

  5. Grab handfuls of cheddar cheese and make small piles across the backing sheet ( piles should not be bigger than a hand full you don’t want your taco shell to be very thick)

  1. Put your baking sheet with the cheese into the oven for 5- 10 minutes (check in on them from time to time, make sure the cheese is melted but not burnt)

  1. When your cheese piles are done wait until they cool down but they still have to be warm, grab a paper towel and press on the cheese to get rid of the extra oil, if you miss this step your taco shell will be very oily

  1. Grab your chop sticks or long spoons and your bowls or cups

  2. Put two bowls or cups next to each other with the chop stick or long spoon in between them

  3. Grab your cheese and hang them on the chop stick or spoon to fully cool down, when the cheese is cooled it will take the shape of a taco shell

  1. While your cheese is cooling put your avocado in a bowl and mash it with fork until you get the guacamole consistency

  2. To one whole avocado add half a lemon then add salt and pepper to your liking

  3. Chop the veggies or toppings you want to put in your guacamole

  4. Chop your lettuce into small pieces

Now you are ready to assemble your low CARB Taco. Ladies I really hope you enjoy it this is a tasty cheat meal with a side of no guilt.


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