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2 Scams That Will Delay You From Your Fitness Goals

Hello Ladies, this is usually around the time most of us start to panic, because we know we aren’t summer ready. It’s time to get serious about getting fit and finally feel confident at the beach this summer. Sometimes what we are lacking isn’t the discipline, focus and dedication to reaching our goal, but the knowledge on scams that are taking our hard earn money and selling us false hope. In today’s blog I’m going to tell you about 2 scams you should stay away from, because all they will do is take your money, delay your progress and waste your time.

Scam #1 Toning Shoes:

Toning shoes have definitely become a trend for the past few years. Supposedly you buy these EXPENSIVE sneakers and wear them all day. These sneakers are supposed to make you lose body fat and appear more toned. Ladies this is a big NO NO, sneakers are just shoes that are appropriate for any physical activity. Just wearing these sneakers are not going to make you more toned. Being toned comes from consuming the proper foods and doing the proper exercises. If you buy these sneakers and all you do is walk from the TV back to your couch while eating junk all day. I guarantee you will see no progress. Now let’s say you purchase the sneakers and when you start wearing them you start to do a whole bunch of cardio along with being mindful of the foods you put in your body. Here is the trick, you will see progress but NOT because of the special SNEAKERS. It’s because you started burning more calories from doing more cardio and eating healthier, ladies that could have been done with any other sneaker or even in sandals.

Scam #2 Wraps:

Where do I even begin, wraps are by far the biggest scam I have ran into so far. At least the sneakers you can use for a physical activity, but this is really only time consuming and a waste of your hard earned money. Like I said in SCAM #1 losing body fat a being toned comes from eating right and doing the proper exercises for your body and goals. There are many reasons why this will never work but here are only 2 of them.

Reason #1: It is scientifically proven that you cannot spot reduce. This means that you cannot pick one body part that you want to lose fat from. When you lose body fat you will lose body fat all around your body. So wrapping you belly for multiple hours a day will not make your belly disappear.

Reason #2: Whenever you buy these wraps they say that along with the wrap you have to diet, exercises and drink lots of water. What will cause you to progress is not that you have had the wrap on for a week but because for that week you have been consistent with exercises staying hydrated and watching what you eat. This progress could have easily been done without the torture of having a WRAP on for multiple hours a day.

Alright ladies BEWARE of these types of scams that will delay your progress, waste your time and money. There are no shortcuts to getting fit, you have to eat the right foods and exercise the right way. With any of our programs we offer a customized meal plan and workout routine so that you can reach your fitness goals as fast as possible. Your time won’t be wasted and the money that you are investing will show in your progress. You can also take a look at our new Ebook The FitnessWithFlex Real Results No Gimmicks Guide To Getting Fit Volume 1 that has many scams and misconceptions that you can be a victim of, but if you learn what they are and why they don’t work you will never fall for them again .

- FitnessWithFlexHers

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