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Is It True That You Lose Breast And Glute Size When Losing Weight

Hello ladies, before I begin training my female clients I ask them a set of questions to get to know more about them and their life style. Once I know all the important facts I ask them the head honcho of all questions “WHAT ARE YOUR FITNESS GOALS?” and most women’s answer that they want a flat tummy, toned arms, back and legs, but their biggest concern is that they don’t want lose their glutes or breast size. In today’s blog I am going to help clarify why most women have the misconception that if they start to eat clean and train dirty their glutes or breast will disappear.

Ladies we should understand that being overweight means our body is out of balance. If you are 250 lbs, 5 ft tall and your breast cup is double D it means that along with your body your breasts are also out of balance. When you lose body fat you will lose it evenly throughout the body. If your breast size goes down it would be because you also lost body fat from your chest along with the rest of your body. Like I speak about in many of my other blogs there is no such thing as spot reduction unless you’re getting liposuction, If you are losing body fat then you will lose it all around your body. You can’t choose where to lose body fat from for example; you can’t choose to lose fat from your right arm and not from your left. The only thing that is different is that we all hoard fat differently. Some of us hoard more fat in our legs than in our backs, or our upper body more than our lower body but that can only be left up to genetics, so yes when we lose body fat everything in general will shrink, but does that mean we have to settle for small glutes and breast?

No ladies, when we start weight training we have the ability to help our physique mold into the best version of it by changing our composition. If some of us are lacking glutes we can do certain exercises to help target those muscles signaling them to grow like squats, glute kick backs, and dead lifts. If we find that our chest is getting smaller because we lost some body fat, we can do certain exercises to lift and enhance our chest muscles like dumbbell chest press, chest flies and push-ups.

So my lovelies don’t be afraid to train and fuel your body the right way doing this will transform your body into a physique you will love and can feel confident about. Don’t settle for flat, small chest and little buns remember with dedication and consistency you can build them and love them.


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